Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How To Be More Effective When Asking A Mechanic Questions

“When I turn the radio down, I can hear a thingamabob under the hood making a noise. It’s a clanging noise…no, wait. It’s more of a knocking noise. Do you think it could be the gonkquelator?”
One can only imagine how many times mechanics have had discussions with customers that unfolded in the same manner. You have a car and you know it needs repaired or serviced, but that’s about all you know. It helps to have a skilled and honest auto mechanic who can answer questions about your vehicle. Building a relationship with him or her can save you time and money, and from becoming frustrated when dealing with car maintenance or repairs. Be confident when asking your mechanic questions or voicing concerns about your vehicle. Communication is the key. And it’s helpful to understand the basics about your car…and that it doesn’t have a gonkquelator…so you are able to speak intelligently about what could be going on under the hood. If you do some basic legwork via an online search or even by browsing your vehicle’s user manual, you will be able to describe what’s going on to the mechanic much more succinctly.

Keeping an auto maintenance log with questions and concerns about your car's performance to discuss with your mechanic could be helpful in diagnosing an issue. Take a few notes when your car isn't running correctly. Include when it started happening, the conditions of the road and any abnormalities you noticed like noises or odors. These details can help the mechanic determine the cause of a malfunction.

Ask questions in a confident manner and remember that you are the customer. Be direct and keep the conversation to the point. After asking a question, listen for the entire answer. Ask to be shown parts or systems being referenced to on your car. This may help you to better understand the repair. It can also bring you and your mechanic to the same level in terms of communication.

Whiteside’s service professionals will guide you through vehicle repairs and maintenance, helping you to feel more at ease as you take care of your vehicle. Contact our service department today for an appointment.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Cadillac and Maintenance

Buy a new or certified pre-owned Cadillac, and you're probably not thinking maintenance. "Maintenance" should mean more to you than "repair."

Cadillac maintenance is part of the deal you cut when you buy a Cadillac at a reputable dealer. Cadillac owners tend to be repeat and long-term owners partly because of the availability of high-quality Cadillac maintenance, some of it guaranteed and some of it preventative, and most of it both.

Those dealers boasting Cadillac Shield back every Cadillac they sell with the most comprehensive inventory of services in the luxury car market, more comprehensive than any BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, and other luxury marquees. Mobile apps, remote diagnostics, road service, premium maintenance, and customer care are other reasons to make the Cadillac choice in the first place.

Quality dealers must meet standards in performance maintenance before they can carry the Cadillac Shield. Expect benefits like:
  • Personal Service Representative who makes you and your car a personal project
  • Private one-on-one interview builds trust and understanding
  • Comfortable waiting area catering to the luxury tastes
  • Play area keeps toddlers occupied
  • Fresh coffee and doughnuts daily while you watch large screen TV
  • Straight answers to all your questions

Cadillac service needs you to do your share, nothing more than scheduling your routine service online. Schedule that appointment and relax in comfort or take the shuttle home. Routine maintenance assures you all is well and meets warranty requirements. Remote diagnostics use OnStar to report monthly on your vehicle performance. And, Whitesides will prove as competitive as anyone in town for oil changes and tune-ups. It's our job to make and keep your Cadillac experience all it can be - in performance, value, and safety.

It's all a reminder that, once you buy a Cadillac, new or pre-owned, you step into a new world. Maintenance and service match the standard of excellence, precision and attention to detail that makes the Cadillac label what it is - service reps, mechanics, and technicians as advanced as the vehicles they service.

For more important information from Cadillac, check out this video on Winter Driving.